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Alpha Micro is the number 1 UK distributor for u-blox

Alpha Micro is proud to be the exclusive distributor for u-blox in the UK and Ireland. For two decades we have worked together to bring our customers the best-in-class wireless communications modules for cellular, positioning and short range radio including BLE and WiFi.

u-blox chips and modules meet all the needs of the industrial, automotive, and consumer markets and are ideally suited for M2M and IoT applications.

At Alpha Micro We Know Wireless and our technical team are here to help you with engineering support and professional guidance on hardware selection, design review and product certification.

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Productivity, Convenience, and Security with u-blox

When you choose Alpha Micro as your strategic technology partner, we want it to be the start of a long and productive relationship. With over 20 years of extensive product knowledge and working with u-blox, we can recommend the perfect product for your individual requirements.

As markets and applications become more complex, u-blox focuses on three key markets - automotive, industrial and consumer. For us, it's about quality in everything we do, from the wireless and positioning module/chip to the relationship we build with you.