With many top experts in high precision positioning hosting this event, you will have the opportunity to learn about the advanced features of u-blox GNSS solutions, whilst also having hands on experience using the latest u-blox technology.

During the workshop, experts from u-blox and Alpha Micro will demonstrate how high precision GNSS is achieved, provide design guidance and advice on implementing your own design, and be on hand to answer any questions. At the end of the workshop you will leave with a better understanding of why high precision positioning is becoming so important and have a better knowledge of the broad range of growing applications and uses.

Please note - this is an engineering led workshop by u-blox and Alpha Micro engineering teams, so an understanding about electronic design, software development and GNSS is required to benefit from this event. Delegates are encouraged to bring along a laptop pre-loaded with u-blox u-centre 1 software and a u-blox XPLR-HPG-2 Explorer Kit. The latter are available for purchase or a limited amount for development on the day.



Registration from 09:15 for 09:45 start on the 17th October 2023

Overview of u-blox High Precision GNSS products and supporting technology with u-blox

Theory on Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and introduction on the XPLR-HPG-2 Evaluation Kit (target platform for proving cm level accuracy on the day) with u-blox

Exploring and creating source code for a High Precision GNSS application with u-blox

Antenna requirements and best practice for GNSS designs with 2J Antennas

Loading firmware and running demonstrations achieving cm level accuracy with u-blox

Open Q & A with u-blox, 2J and Alpha Micro

Close 16:30

If you would like more details, you can email David Taylor at



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