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VNC2-32L1C - USB Vinculum-II Dual Host/Device Controller IC, 32-pin LQFP

The Vinculum-II VNC2-32L1C is FTDI's 2nd generation of USB Host/Slave controllers.  The device features a powerful 16-bit MCU core, with embedded 256KB Flash and 16KB RAM memory and supports a range of flexible interfaces including UART, SPI, FIFO and PWM.

VNC2-32L1C at a glance
Data rates Up to 6Mbaud (UART) USB Speed Full Speed (12Mbps)
USB Transfer Modes Bulk, Isochronous, Interrupt Interfaces USB, UART, SPI, FIFO
USB Host Yes Channels 2
USB Class Various I/O Voltage 3.3V
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C Virtual Com Port No
Package 32-pin LQFP Dimensions (mm) 9 x 9

N.B. VNC2 devices are supplied unprogrammed.

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