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ZED-F9H - precision heading F9 GNSS module

The u-blox ZED-F9H precision heading F9 GNSS module is designed to provide the best possible heading information for applications where precise attitude is priority.

The ZED-F9H acts as an accompanying module, and requires a ZED-F9P module to be mounted on the same vehicle. In this setup, ZED-F9P provides the precise GNSS position, and at the same time acts as a moving base to the ZED-F9H precision heading GNSS module, which in turn outputs the precise attitude information.

  • Precise heading information to all types of vehicles
  • Suitable for UAV, trucks, heavy vehicles and antenna alignment applications
  • Heading accuracy independent of vehicle motion and calibration

The u-blox GNSS product overview provides a useful guide to the technologies used, product selection, product grades and advantages of u-blox GNSS modules.

As the heading information is based on GNSS it does not require pre-calibration, thus ensuring easy production, integration and operation. The precise heading information is always available, even in stand-still situations.

ZED-F9H is designed to lower the system cost for a heading application and comes with minimal e-BOM. Thanks to its small package size, light weight, and low power consumption, it is well-suited for mass market adoption

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ZED-F9H at a glance

Product information
Product variants ZED-F9H 
No. of concurrent GNSS
GNSS bands B1I, B2I, E1B/C, E5b, L1C/A, L1OF, L2C, L2OF 
Oscillators TCXO 
Temperature range (°C) -40 ~ +85 
Supply (V) 2.7 ~ 3.6 
Dimensions (mm) 17.0 x 22.0 x 2.4 

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