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XPLR-AOA-2 - indoor positioning explorer kit with NINA-B4 module

Indoor positioning out of the box

  • Evaluation tool for Bluetooth 5.1 indoor positioning
  • Includes 4 antenna boards and 4 tags
  • High resolution positioning engine
  • Integration with Traxmate IoT tracking platform
  • u-connectLocate software with optimised direction finding algorithm

XPLR-AOA-2 includes:

  • C211 antenna board with NINA-B411 Bluetooth 5.1 module
  • C209 tag with NINA-B406 Bluetooth LE module
  • u-connectLocate direction finding software (from u‑
  • C209 tag software example (from Github)

£ 1,002.75 each (ex VAT)
£ 1,203.30 each (inc VAT)

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