ALEX-R5 - ultra-small LTE-M/NB-IoT SiP with Secure Cloud

The new u-blox ALEX-R5 ultra-small LTE-M/NB-IoT SiP with Secure Cloud combines the u-blox UBX-R5 IoT and UBX-M8230 chipsets, offering LTE-M/NB-IoT connectivity with GNSS positioning.

It's compact size (14 x 14 x 1.5mm - less than 50% of the SARA-R5 PCB size), together with the Super-E mode of the GNSS receiver, allow for a good balance between power consumption and performance. This makes the ALEX-R5 ideal for for size-constrained applications such as wearables, portable asset trackers and healthcare systems and many other IoT applications.

  • IoT future-proof and 5G- ready
  • Very  low power, accurate, and reliable positioning with u‑blox M8230 GNSS receiver
  • Suitable for ultra-low power IoT applications
  • Built-in, hardware-based Secure Cloud functionality supporting IoT-Security-as-a-Service
  • Concurrent accurate positioning and LTE signalling for tracking applications

The EVK-ALEXR510M8S evaluation kit is an ideal way to assess the performance and suitability of this ultra-small LTE-M/NB-IoT SiP for your applications.

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Secure Cloud LTE-M and NB-IoT SiP combo module with integrated u-blox M8 GNSS receiver for multi-regional use


Evaluation kit for ALEX-R510M8S


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