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NINA-B1 series - stand-alone Bluetooth 5.0 modules with u-connect SW or open CPU

u-blox NINA-B1 Bluetooth 5.0 modules are delivered with u-connectXpress software that provides support for u-blox Bluetooth low energy Serial Port Service, GATT client and server, beacons, NFC™, Bluetooth mesh, and simultaneous peripheral and central roles – all configurable from a host by using AT commands. An open CPU version is available for customers who prefer their application to run on the built-in Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU (please specify when requesting a quote)

  • Bluetooth 5
  • u‑connect software for accelerated time to market
  • Option to use open CPU for customer applications
  • Hardware optimized for performance and low power consumption
  • Pin compatible with other NINA modules
  • Multiple antenna options

EVK-NINA-B1 evaluation kits are ideal for assessing the performance of NINA-B1 modules for your application.

The u-blox short range radio product overview provides a useful guide to selecting the right solution for your application.

NINA-B1 at a glance

Product information)
Product variants NINA-B111 (u-connect)  NINA-B112 (u-connect)  NINA-B111 (open CPU)  NINA-B112 (open CPU) 
Bluetooth Qualifications v5.0 (BLE)  v5.0 (BLE)  v5.0 (BLE)  v5.0 (BLE) 
Maximum range (m) 350  300  350  300 
Maximum no. of connections 20  20 
Bluetooth profiles & services Bluetooth GATT  Bluetooth GATT  Bluetooth GATT  Bluetooth GATT 
AT command support Yes  Yes  No  No 
Extended data mode protocol Yes  Yes  No  No 
Low energy serial port service Yes  Yes  No  No 
FOTA No  No  Yes  Yes 
Supports customer applications No  No  Yes  Yes 
Antennas Antenna pin  Internal antenna  Antenna pin  Internal antenna 
Temperature range (°C) -40 ~ +85  -40 ~ +85  -40 ~ +85  -40 ~ +85 
Supply (V) 1.7 ~ 3.6  1.7 ~ 3.6  1.7 ~ 3.6  1.7 ~ 3.6 
Dimensions (mm) 10.0 x 10.6 x 2.2  10.0 x 14.0 x 3.8  10.0 x 10.6 x 2.2  10.0 x 14.0 x 3.8 

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