MAX-M10 series - M10 standard precision GNSS modules

u-blox MAX-M10 standard precision GNSS modules are ideal for high performance asset tracking applications with ultra low power consumption

  • Less than 25 mW power consumption without compromising GNSS performance
  • Maximum position availability with concurrent reception of 4 GNSS
  • Proven excellent performance, even with small antennas
  • Advanced spoofing and jamming detection
  • Pin-compatible with previous MAX products

A good way to assess the feasibility of the MAX-M10 series for your application is to purchase an EVK-M10 evaluation kit.

The u-blox GNSS product overview provides a useful guide to the technologies used, product selection, product grades and advantages of u-blox GNSS modules.

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u-blox M10 concurrent GNSS LCC module, firmware in ROM, SAW filter, LNA


u-blox M10 concurrent GNSS LCC module, firmware in ROM, crystal oscillator


u-blox M10 GNSS evaluation kit to support u-blox UBX-M10050 chips and MAX-M10S module


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