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EVK-NINA-B4 - evaluation kit for NINA-B4 Bluetooth 5.1 modules

Evaluation kit for NINA-B40 and NINA-B41 Bluetooth 5.1 modules

  • Compatible with Arduino® Uno shields
  • Either u‑blox connectivity software or an open CPU with SDK
  • All NINA‑B4 module pins are available at connectors
  • Can be powered through USB, external power supply or coin cell battery
  • The kits have onboard debugger hardware and firmware

EVK-NINA-B4 includes:

  • EVK-NINA-B4 board
  • NFC antenna
  • External antenna with U.FL connector (EVK‑NINA‑B400 and EVK-NINA-B410 only)
  • USB cable

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