wi-fi 2.4ghz 2400mhz 802.11bgn lily-w131 lily-w132 u-blox ublox evaluation short range wifi

EVK-LILY-W1 - evaluation kits for LILY-W1 2.4GHz Wi-Fi modules

EVK-LILY-W1 evaluation kits for LILY‑W1 host‑based Wi-Fi modules

  • Full access to all interfaces
  • SDIO card and micro USB connectors
  • Selectable voltage level for power supply and GPIO


  • For evaluation of LILY‑W131 module
  • U.FL connectors for external antennas
  • LTE filter integrated on the evaluation board
  • Includes external antenna with RPSMA connector
  • Includes RPSMA to U.FL antenna cable
  • Antenna switch for antenna diversity integrated on the evaluation board


  • For evaluation of LILY‑W132 module
  • Antenna and LTE filter integrated on the LILY‑W132 module

EVK-LILY-W1 kits include:

  • Evaluation board with LILY‑W131 or LILY-W132 module
  • External antenna with RPSMA connector and RPSMA to U.FL cable (EVK-LILY-W131 only)

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