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UMFT4233HPEV - Evaluation board for FT4233HP USB Hi-Speed Type-C IC

UMFT4233HPEV at a glance
Data rates 12 Mbaud USB Speed Hi-Speed (480Mbps)
Interfaces MPSSE USB Connector USB Type-C
I/O Connector Two 26-pin 0.1" dual row headers Channels 4
Package N/A I/O Voltage 3.3V
USB Class FTDI Drivers Virtual Com Port Yes
FTDI IC On Board FT4233HP Dimensions (mm) 138.5 x 77

All Power delivery features of  the FT2232HPQ, FT2233HPQ IC and FT4232HPQ IC can also be evaluated with the UMFT4233HPEV. Most of the USB Serial bridging modes can also be evaluated.

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