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VM816C50A-D - EVE BT816 resistive touch development module, with display, pin header connection

The Bridgetek VM816C50A-D is a credit card sized graphics controller module using the BT816 resistive touch graphics controller IC. It supports 5” displays with 800 x 480 pixel resolution and resistive touch control (included) and includes 16Mbyte flash for bitmaps and other design asset storage, backlight control and a connector for an audio speaker. The module interfaces directly with any MCU with a SPI host port .

VM816C50A-D features:

  • Interfaces: SPI/QSPI
  • Touch type: Resistive
  • Screen size: 5"
  • Enclosure: Credit card sized PCB
  • I/O connector: 2.1mm DC jack, pin header
  • EVE IC type: BT816
  • Screen resolution: 800x480
  • Power supply: 5V

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