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ME817EV - EVE BT817 capacitive touch module evalution board, no display

The ME817EV is a customer evaluation board for Bridgetek’s 4th generation EVE chip, the BT817. The board is used to develop and demonstrate BT817’s graphics, touch and audio functionalities and is capable of supporting LCD panels with 40-pin LVDS interface, or 50-pin RGB interface.

ME817EV features:

  • Interfaces: USB (FT4222H) or SPI/QSPI
  • Touch type: Capacitive
  • Screen size: Supports up to 10.1"
  • Enclosure: PCB only (no display)
  • I/O connector: Pin header, USB Type C
  • EVE IC type: BT817Q
  • Screen resolution: Supports 1200x800 (LVDS) or 1024x600 (RGB)
  • Power supply: 5V

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Backlight LED current can be adjusted using dip switches. Capacitive touch screens can be connected to the board through a 10-pin or 6-pin FPC connector. An Audio filter and amplifier are included on-board, allowing a 1/8W speaker to be driven. Audio source can be supplied from the BT817, or through a line-in connector.

The ME817EV board supports 2 types of host controller: MCU with SPI/QSPI master, or USB host, selectable through dip switches. The SPI option of the board behaves as a SPI slave, and requires a SPI Master for proper micro-controller interfacing and system integration. The USB option of the board behaves as a USB High-speed device using the FTDI FT4222H, and requires control from a USB host through the Type-C connector.

• Supports 40-pin LVDS display up to 1280×800
• Supports 50-pin RGB display up to 1024×600
• Trimmable on board LCD biasing voltages
• On board LCD backlight LED Driver
• On board audio power amplifier and audio connector for external speaker support
• On board 16Mbyte NOR Flash Memory
• 10-pin or 6-pin FPC connector for capacitive touch screen
• Supports SPI host interface through 2×8 pin header or 20pin FPC connector
• Supports USB High-speed connection with FT4222H
• 5V power supply via SPI host connector, or via USB Type-C port

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