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FT813Q - EVE 2nd generation 24-bit graphics controller IC with capacitive touch control

Building on the success of the first generation of Bridgetek FT80x touch controller IC's with Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology, the series has now been extended to include a further four devices which offer a plethora of improvements and extended capabilities, the FT810Q, FT811Q, FT812Q and FT813Q.

The FT813Q provides increased pixel resolution for sharper imagery, increased speed for faster data transfer and image and video loading, and larger memory capacity with capacitive touch functionality and an 24 bit-RGB interface.

FT813Q Features:

  • Interfaces: SPI/QSPI
  • Touch type: Capacitive
  • Max RGB Width: 24-bit
  • Flash support: No
  • Dedicated PCLK PLL: No
  • Max Pixels per line: 2048
  • GPIO: 5
  • Package: VQFN 56
  • Typical resolution: SVGA (800 x 600)
  • RAM: 1MB
  • Screen rotation: Yes
  • Non-square Pixel support: Yes
  • Audio: PWM

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