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BT817Q - EVE 4th generation 24-bit graphics controller IC with capacitive touch control

The Bridgetek BT817Q is the 4th generation of the EVE graphics controller IC with capacitive touch control and up to 5 touch detection and audio output GPIO's. Ideal for HMI development, this generation allows displays a high resolution of up to 1280 x 800 pixels, supports Unicode strings and has a dedicated port for off-chip flash access for bitmaps and other display asset storage. It also supports Adaptive frame rate and Adaptive HSYNC modes

BT817Q Features:

  • Interfaces: SPI/QSPI
  • Touch type: Capacitive
  • Max RGB Width: 24-bit
  • Flash support: Yes
  • Dedicated PCLK PLL: Yes
  • Max Pixels per line: 2048
  • GPIO: 5
  • I/O levels: 3.3V
  • Package: QFN 64
  • Typical resolution: WXGA (1280 x 800)
  • RAM: 1MB
  • Screen rotation: Yes
  • Non-square Pixel support: Yes
  • Audio: Sigma-Delta

The IDM2040-07A intelligent display module with capacitive touch panel and ME817EV evaluation board are an ideal way to assess and develop the BT817Q graphics controller IC.

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