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AMC-232LAN06 serial-Ethernet cable adapter

serial cable ethernet adapter rs232 amc-232lan06 netport amcps081 amcsps113 amcsps128


Serial to Ethernet cable adapter

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The external NetPort adapter features an integrated web server, allowing any device to which it is attached to be ‘contacted’ and monitored via a standard Internet browser. TCP/IP protocol stacks are embedded into the NetPort, enabling it to operate within non-PC environments and the adapter features a Modem Emulation Mode, allowing it to behave like a modem but communicate over TCP/IP.

Based upon the award winning Lantronix XPort device, the NetPort can be integrated into a system with minimal set-up, a configuration utility is provided which allows quick and easy customisation to suit any network or serial device. Virtual Comm Port drivers are provided to allow a NetPort-connected device to communicate with existing software over TCP/IP (for Windows operating systems). Alternatively, ‘direct socket’ connection can be used.

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