RAK7258 - LoRa® Ethernet Micro Gateway

The RAK7258, is an 8-channel LoRa® micro Gateway with built-in Ethernet connectivity and an onboard Wi-Fi setup that allows it to be easily configured via the default Wi-Fi AP mode.

As with the other RAKwireless Industrial Gateways, it also supports the widely adopted  IoT protocol,  MQTT Bridge mode, with the option for Transport Layer Security (TLS) authentication.

For ease of installation, the RAK7528 supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) which is handy if installing in challenging locations such as wall or ceiling mounting when a power socket is not readily available. 

The open source software for the management and configuration of this gateway device is based on OpenWRT. Set up is also simple using the built in, user friendly graphical user interface.

The RAK7258 Gateway has a range of up 15km based on Line-of-Sight (LoS) testing. In real applications, typically indoors and in built up areas, you can normally expect coverage of more than 2 km. The device is Class A and C compliant and is a perfect solution for any indoor LoRaWAN use case scenario.

The RAK Micro Gateway package includes a LoRa® antenna, mounting screws, and anchors. 

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LoRa Ethernet Micro Gateway, 433MHz EU version


LoRa Ethernet Micro Gateway, 868MHz EU version


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