Hy-Cap VEC 3V SI - EDLC 3V snap-in supercapacitors

 Hy-Cap VEC 3V SI EDLC capacitors (Electric Double Layer Capacitors, also known as Super Capacitors or Ultra Capacitors) are environmentally friendly energy storage devices, with low energy density and high power density when compared to battery technology.

The advantages of EDLC's are high current, fast charge and discharge, long cycle life (500,000+ cycles) with wide temperature ranges (-40°C ~ +85°C). They are RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant.

Working with VINATech, Alpha Micro's team of technical specialists will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right version for your application.

Part No. Capacitance (F) Max. Current (A) Dia. x L (mm) Datasheet
VEC 3R0 107 QG 100  75  22 x 45    Technical Specs
VEC 3R0 227 QG 220  125  25 x 70    Technical Specs
VEC 3R0 367 QG 360  200  35 x 62    Technical Specs
VEC 3R0 407 QG 400  210  35 x 72    Technical Specs
VEC 3R0 507 QG 500  230  35 x 82    Technical Specs