VPC 3.8V series - Lithium Hybrid Pulse Capacitors, ultra low leakage current, 3.8V

The VPC 3.8V (Vina Pulse Capacitor) series, an environmentally friendly Hybrid Lithium Capacitor family, has been developed to reduce costs against more expensive Pulse Battery technologies, whilst offering significantly lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) with longer life, wider temperature ranges and higher discharge currents compared to  similar sizes and comparable battery-based technology.

VPC 3.8V series Features:

  • Low self discharge
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High operating voltage
  • High capacitance
  • Operating temperature -25°C to +70°C (-40°C to +85°C @ 3.5V rated voltage)
  • Rated voltage 3.8V (cut-off: 2.5V)
  • Capacitor tolerance -10% to +30%

Working with VINATech, Alpha Micro's team of technical specialists will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right version for your application.

Part No. Rated Voltage (V) Capacitance (F) Dia. x L (mm) Datasheet
VEL08203R8306G 3.8  30  8 x 20    Technical Specs
VEL10303R8107G 3.8  100  10 x 30    Technical Specs
VEL13253R8157G 3.8  150  12.5 x 25    Technical Specs
VEL13353R8257G 3.8  250  12.5 x 35    Technical Specs