AMC-ANT-MHF-1621A - Internal Iridium helical antenna, 43mm high, SMA male connection to PCB

The AMC-ANT-MHF-1621A dielectric-loaded decafilar-helix antenna from MARUWA uses Sarantel’s distinctive materials technology to provide the highest available efficiency in a small size. The dielectric core together with the fly-wheeling effect of the advanced decafilar helical design provides excellent beam width and low elevation gain, which is maintained in relatively cluttered use scenarios. The AMC-ANT-MHF-1621A acts as its own filter, attenuating signals from common cellular and ISM frequencies by as much as 30dB.


  • Designed for installation with 10mm gap from antenna side to host PCB ground plane
  • Filters against interference from cellular and ISM bands
  • Balanced design rejects common mode noise from ground plane
  • SMA male connection to device PCB

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