helical connector mount antenna mhj-1401e gnss positioning gps l1 navigation l2 maruwa sarantel

AMC-ANT-MHJ-1401E - GPS L1/L2 helical antenna, 75mm high

The AMC-ANT-MHJ-1401E GPS multi-band L1/L2 75mm high helical antenna from MARUWA uses Sarantel’s distinctive technology to provide unrivalled circularly-polarised gain from a uniquely small volume. It enables excellent performance in tightly integrated devices that require good positional accuracy. By combining a high quality dielectric antenna with a high performance low-noise amplifier, the AMC-ANT-MHJ-1401E active antenna provides an excellent solution for applications needing active gain input.


  • Bands: B1, L1, E1, G1, L2
  • Frequencies: 1277.60MHz, 1575.42MHz
  • Negligible de-tuning in cluttered, dielectric loaded environments (hand-held, body-worn, close proximity to objects)
  • Filters against interference from cellular and ISM bands

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