AMC-ANT-2JF0283P - 5G NR flexible polymer (FPC) 120x15mm antenna

The AMC-ANT-2JF0283P 5G flexible polymer (FPC) 120x15mm antenna combines flexibility, conformability, and ease of integration with exceptional global cellular and broadband Internet connectivity and is fully compatible with existing LTE networks. This high performance 5G flexible polymer (FPC) 120x15mm antenna is an easy peel-and-stick low-cost solution with high efficiency, reliability, and low device power consumption


  • 5G NR:
    • 617 – 960 MHz
    • 1427 – 2690 MHz
    • 3300 – 5000 MHz
    • 5150 – 5925 MHz
  • Self-adhesive
  • Ultra Wideband
  • High performance
  • Flexible material
  • Ground plane independent
  • Dimensions – 120 x 15 x 0.2mm
  • Customisable cable and connector

We recommend maximising the position, orientation, cable routing, and the tuning of matching components during the antenna integration process for optimal antenna performance and we will be pleased to assist with guidance for your application.

The AMC-ANT-2JF0283P 5G flexible polymer antenna optimises full-range signal strength and signal quality within 617MHz – 5925MHz frequencies for the sub 6GHz spectrum via an omni-directional radiation pattern while maintaining stable peak gains and efficiency across all bands. In addition to the new 5G NR technology enhancing mobile broadband and ultra-reliable low-latency communications, this antenna also includes 3G and 2G designed for previous technologies when 5G NR and 4G LTE are not available while improving data transmission, higher bit-rates and advanced multiplexing techniques resulting in increased capacity and maximum throughput.

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5G NR flexible polymer (FPC) antenna, adhesive mount, 120 x 15 x 0.2mm, 180mm x 1.37mm cable, U.FL connector. RoHS.


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