wifi antenna pcb 2j 2j antennas fibreglass bluetooth short range wi-fi 2.4ghz 5ghz dual band 6ghz wi-fi 6e rigid 2jp1502p 2jp1502p-sp

AMC-ANT-2JP1502P-SP - 2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz rigid fibreglass antenna

The AMC-ANT-2JP1502P-SP antenna is ideal for multiple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications.

 AMC-ANT-2JP1502P-SP at a glance
 Standards Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, ISM
 Frequency (MHz) 2410-2490, 4920-5925, 5925-7125
 Mounting & Material Self-adhesive rigid fibreglass
 Dimensions (mm) 30 x 15 x 1
 Options Customisable cable type & length & connector type

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