Alpha Micro & Epishine - powering your PRODUCTS

Alpha Micro are working with Epishine to deliver a range of light energy harvesting materials optimized for different lighting conditions and applications.

Flexible solar cells

Harvesting indoor energy to power your IoT devices

Scalable and affordable

Epishine LEH organic solar cells for light energy harvesting

Easy to integrate organic solar cells

Super thin solar cells can be integrated into your finished product


Power and energy consumption is always a challenge, as we all want our IoT Sensor devices to last forever. Epishine threw down the gauntlet and over several years have been perfecting organic solar cells that will harvest the energy from incredibly low lux environments and give forever power to many indoor applications, such as occupancy sensors, temperature monitors, air quality monitors, retail logistics devices, Indoor trackers, water safety devices plus many more.

The future is green, sustainable, and powered with renewable energy sources.